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  • June 06, 2024 4 min read

    The Ol' Boy Podcast recently featured UFC fighter Cody Stamann in an engaging episode where Stamann dives deep into the mental and physical challenges of his profession, reflects on his blue-collar upbringing, and shares his journey from a scrappy kid in small-town Michigan to a respected warrior in the UFC octagon.   

    Blue Collar Beginnings and Unwavering Work Ethic

    Raised in a small town in Michigan, Cody Stamann's work ethic was honed in the family business. His father, a restoration company owner, led by example, instilling in Cody a robust Midwest work mentality. Stamann recalls learning to build and remodel homes, a skillset that not only fostered a deep appreciation for hard work but also provided a foundation of practical skills. 

    Cody contrasts this upbringing with his current life in Las Vegas, pointing out the lack of these practical skills in many of his new neighbors. He attributes much of his success and tenacity in the fighting world to the values and work ethic his father ingrained in him from a young age. 

    The Evolution into MMA   

    Although not originally passionate about fighting, Cody’s path into MMA was almost serendipitous. He recalls being a scrappy kid who often solved problems with his fists. His initial foray into organized combat sports began with wrestling and boxing. However, his true awakening came when he joined an MMA gym on a whim, leading to a life-changing bout where he knocked out his opponent in just seven seconds. That fight sealed his fate in MMA, igniting a fervent passion for the sport.   

    Reflecting on his progression from these early experiences to securing a spot in the UFC, Stamann reveals the unexpected opportunities that came his way, including a pivotal moment when he received a UFC offer while knee-deep in mud at a job site, completely altering his career trajectory.   

    The Fighter’s Mindset: Mental and Physical Toughness 

    Cody's discussion with Chad Ward on the podcast unveils the intricacies of a fighter’s preparation, both mentally and physically. The intense regimen involves rigorous training, strategic fight planning, and the infamous weight cuts. Cody emphasizes the importance of trusting one's training and muscle memory, enabling fighters to react instinctively rather than overthink during a match. 

    Chad and Cody delve into the pre-fight rituals, highlighting the psychological toll of preparation, the pressure of short-notice fights, and maintaining peak physical condition. Weight management is a constant battle, with Cody discussing his readiness to fight at a lower weight class. Despite the hardships, Cody's narrative showcases his relentless spirit and determination to stay fight-ready year-round. 

    Pandemic Challenges and Training Adaptations 

    The COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented challenges, especially for athletes requiring constant physical training. Cody recounts the struggle of keeping in shape with gyms closed and the varied reactions among fighters regarding the virus. Despite contracting COVID-19 three times, Stamann continued to train, emphasizing resilience and adaptation by moving to Extreme Couture in Las Vegas for access to better facilities and sparring partners. 

    His move to Vegas wasn’t without its downsides, though. The influx of new residents from California altered the city's dynamics, prompting Stamann to seek solace in Utah’s wilderness, where he indulges in his love for outdoor activities like hunting and fishing. 

    Love for the Outdoors and Living in the Moment   

    Both Cody and Chad share a deep appreciation for the great outdoors. For Cody, hunting and fishing, especially with his father, provide not only a physical escape but also a mental reprieve from the demanding life of a professional fighter. This love for nature offers a stark contrast to the hustle and grind of training and fighting, allowing him to live in the moment and cherish experiences.   

    Chad and Cody discuss the broader implications of living in the moment, steering away from the constant need to document every experience. They emphasize the richness of truly engaging with one's surroundings and the people present.   

    UFC and the Global Fighting Community 

    The conversation also sheds light on the diversity and resilience of fighters in the UFC. Cody admires the dedication of international fighters, especially those from Dagestan like Khabib Nurmagomedov, who often come from rigorous training backgrounds and tough upbringings. 

    The immense pressure and scrutiny that accompany a UFC career, especially under the global spotlight, are no small feats. For Cody, this pressure is a part of the job, one that he embraces with the same grit and resolve instilled in him during his blue-collar upbringing. 

    Conclusion: A Fighter with Heart and Heritage   

    Ultimately, Cody Stamann's journey is a testament to the power of hard work, adaptability, and staying true to one's roots. From the small-town values of Michigan to the high-stakes world of the UFC, Stamann's story resonates with a broad audience, inspiring many to embrace their challenges with the same relentless spirit. The **Ol' Boy Podcast** episode not only illuminates Cody's past and present but also shines a light on what it truly takes to be a fighter, both in the ring and in everyday life.   

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    "I enjoy doing that stuff now where I hated it when I was young and, yeah, I mean, I'm a blue collar boy through and through."

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    3 Fun Facts About Cody Stamann 

    1. Cody Stamann once accepted a fight opportunity on just seven days' notice while he was knee-deep in mud at a job site.
    2. Despite having an impressive 14-1 professional record, Stamann didn't sign with a manager until he secured a UFC deal.
    3. Cody Stamann knocked out his opponent in just 7 seconds during his first MMA fight, only a week after joining a gym. 

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