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  • June 06, 2024 4 min read

    In Episode 17 of the Ol' Boy Podcast, Chad Ward sits down with the indomitable Street Bike Tommy, delving into topics that span from awe-inspiring daredevil antics to heartfelt charitable acts. Tommy's multifaceted life is vividly painted through his stories of construction, his ventures into fine carpentry, and the perils and rewards of his extreme sports career. This episode serves as both an insightful look into Tommy's personal journey and a testament to the importance of giving back. 

    Childhood Dreams and Dangerous Pursuits 

    Tommy's childhood was anything but ordinary. Growing up second-generation in a family of commercial contractors, Tommy was introduced to the blue-collar world early on. Financial constraints meant that his childhood rewards often came in the form of simple joys, like a trip to McDonald's after a day at the job site. Over the years, this tough beginning instilled in Tommy a robust work ethic and a love for craftsmanship, even leading him into intricate timber framing and fine carpentry during the COVID pandemic. 

    Yet, it wasn't all work and no play. Tommy's penchant for dangerous and adrenaline-fueled activities was evident even as a child. His father, keen on fulfilling his son’s adventurous dreams, gifted Tommy a dirt bike at 14. This was merely a prelude to a lifelong attraction to motorcycling and extreme sports, ultimately defining Tommy's public persona. 

    From Nitro Circus to Nitro Mismanagement 

    Tommy's daredevil antics eventually paved the way for his entry into Nitro Circus, a collaborative stunt performance group. However, success wasn't without its pitfalls. As he rose to fame, Tommy found himself often boxed into a caricature, treated more as his on-screen persona rather than a multifaceted individual. 

    The corporate mismanagement at Nitro Circus became a significant point of frustration for Tommy. He recalls how the focus on profit over proper marketing and individualized brilliance led to disheartening outcomes. For instance, a privately funded 3D movie failed to make waves due to corporate greed and insufficient promotion. Such experiences left a lasting impact, making Tommy appreciate the value of seeing and fostering unique talents in a team.   

    Crafting a Legacy in Carpentry 

    Despite the rollercoaster ride with Nitro Circus, Tommy’s grounded nature brought him back to his first love: craftsmanship. The challenges and rewards of working with diverse timber, coupled with specialized tools, were thrilling in a completely different way. During the pandemic, Tommy’s foray into fine carpentry and timber framing in Texas showcased his resilience and adaptability.   

    In this episode, both Chad Ward and Tommy share their excitement over working with different wood pieces and specialized tools. This experience wasn’t just about creating beautiful structures; it was about connecting with materials and the art of building something enduring from scratch. Tommy’s transition from thrilling stunts to the measured and patient craft of carpentry denotes his versatile spirit and capability to excel in varied fields. 

    Giving Back: Charity and Community 

    Amidst all the adrenaline and craftsmanship, Tommy’s charitable endeavors reveal the heart of a man truly committed to making a difference. He talks about how he gives tickets and backstage access to families who can’t afford them, stressing the importance of using his platform for good. 

    Tommy and Chad Ward delve into the significant topic of giving back, highlighting that their success means little if not shared. Whether it’s through charity tickets or creating opportunities for others, the duo stresses the significance of community and extending one's success to make a broader impact.  

    Adventures in Travel and Hunting 

    Street Bike Tommy‚Äôs adventures don't stop at the construction site or the stunt bike. The episode also touches on his extensive travel stories, including wild arena shows in Lille, France, South Africa, and memorable hunts. Tommy recalls his hunting experiences in Tennessee with fervent detail‚ÄĒshooting a buck from 450 yards and another at just ten yards away.¬†

    Chad Ward shares his own hunting escapades, including hunting the delicious sandhill crane, which leads to a conversation about the camaraderie at hunting camps and the joy of shared meals. These hunting tales highlight yet another facet of Tommy‚Äôs adventure-filled life‚ÄĒone deeply connected to nature and the outdoors.¬†¬†

    Looking Ahead 

    The podcast episode ends on notes of friendship, future plans, and gratitude. Tommy shares his upcoming collaborations and extends an invitation to Chad to join him at the Freedom Factory in Florida for more adventures. The episode wraps up with a reminder for the audience to subscribe and tune into past episodes, cementing the conversation as a rich tapestry of experiences and wisdom. 

    Tommy Street Bike leaves listeners inspired, not just by his daredevil activities, but by his grounded nature, love for his community, and mastery of his craft. 

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    "I'm blue collar through and through. To this day, I'm still a very skilled carpenter. I still do stuff, but the good boy stuff's brand new, and it beats the hell out of swinging a hammer right now." 

    ‚ÄĒ SB Tommy¬†


    3 Fun Facts About Street Bike Tommy  

    1. SB Tommy's crash video on a GSX R 1000 street bike became one of the most top downloaded videos.
    2. SB Tommy shot a buck from 450 yards during a hunting trip in Tennessee.
    3. SB Tommy recalls a 13-year-old kid from Maryland who beat Travis Pastrana in a rally cross competition.

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