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  • May 23, 2024 3 min read

    Joey Shuman’s story is one of resilience and transformation. From handling legal troubles and battling addiction to establishing a successful contracting business, Joey’s journey encapsulates the essence of overcoming adversity. In his revealing conversation with Chad Ward on the Ol' Boy Podcast, Joey delves into his past experiences, highlighting the challenges and milestones that have shaped his career and personal life. 

    Building Trust Through Integrity 

    In the competitive world of contracting, Joey emphasizes the value of trust and character. His encounter with Jared Lewis in Santa Cruz, sparked through Instagram, led to rewarding projects underscoring the significance of building solid relationships. Joey’s commitment to honesty not only helped secure a clientele that trusts him but also paved the way for sustainable business growth. 

    The Power of Strong Relationships 

    Joey’s professional ethos revolves around reliability and integrity. The frustrating experiences he faced while working on an uneven property in the Bay Area taught him the importance of going above and beyond client expectations. His story underscores the critical role of strong relationships in navigating business challenges and achieving customer satisfaction. 

    Gratitude and Positive Impacts 

    Despite the high cost of living in places like Silicon Valley, where he encountered clients living in multi-million dollar homes, Joey's roots remain humble. From working at fast-food restaurants to starting his own business following a challenging journey to obtain his contractor's license, his past experiences have instilled a deep-seated appreciation for life's simpler joys. Joey's gratitude extends to the hardships that shaped him and the positive influence of his partner and family.  

    The Significance of Hands-On Skills 

    Transitioning from an unsatisfying job at Rivian, Joey’s longing to work for PG&E shifted drastically as he embraced hands-on trade skills. His lack of formal college education did not deter him from learning the ropes of business management on his own. The invaluable lessons he learned, especially during the six months he spent in jail, have been fundamental in shaping his decision-making and personal development. 

    Breaking the Cycle 

    Joey’s life story is also a narrative of breaking cycles. From overcoming substance abuse to transforming his life after meeting his wife, he has continuously strived to provide a better future for his family. Reflecting on the lost bond with his cousin due to addiction, Joey acknowledges the irreversible impact of substance dependency and appreciates the mentors who guided him through recovery. 

    Community and Support Networks 

    Connecting with like-minded individuals in the contracting community, such as 'Josh of all trades' and 'Troll,' Joey found a supportive environment that fostered both personal and professional growth. His respect for this community highlights the benefits of networking and the positive environments it can create. 

    Championing Diversity and Inclusion 

    Joey’s recognition of women in trades and the suggestion to bring a contractor’s daughter into the discussion underscores his support for diversity in the industry. This gesture reflects his progressive thinking and dedication to promoting inclusive practices within his field. 

    Reflection and Future Aspirations 

    Reflecting on his journey, Joey shares his past experiences, including the tough decisions and environments that influenced his early years. Moving back to Lodi marked a significant turning point, as it afforded him the opportunity to change his surroundings and mindset for the better. Looking forward, Joey hopes to involve his younger brother in the business, ensuring they both grow and learn together. 

    Conclusion: A Tale of Redemption and Hope 

    Joey Shuman’s narrative is not just about the hardships of his past but also about his ongoing commitment to growth, both personally and professionally. His discussion with Chad Ward on the Ol' Boy Podcast provides a stirring insight into the life of a man who has risen above considerable challenges to achieve a sense of fulfillment and purpose. Joey's story is a potent reminder of the human spirit’s capacity to triumph over adversity and the profound impact of second chances. 

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    "I'm literally the first one in my family out of all the men that have broken that lifestyle, that cycle, right?" 

    - Joey Shuman 

    3 Fun Facts About Joey

    1. Joey Shuman has a passion for football, influenced by his dad and grandfather's connections to the Denver Broncos. 
    2. He once lived near the beach before moving back to Lodi, California, reflecting a significant lifestyle change. 
    3. Joey owns a Traeger grill but doesn’t use it much because his wife takes over dinner duties, showcasing a fun family dynamic.

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