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  • May 16, 2024 3 min read

    Reinventing Music: From Nashville to Rock 

    Tim Montana's venture away from Nashville's country scene marks a significant turn in his career path. Tired of the restrictions he felt within the country music mold, Montana discussed his move toward rock music, where he believes there's more room for genuine self-expression. His experience illustrates the challenges artists face in the industry and the courage it takes to pursue authenticity in their craft. Montana’s shift also highlights a greater acceptance he has found in the rock community that values real emotion and personal integrity in music creation. 

    Wise River Club: A Hub of History and Harmony 

    The Wise River Club isn't just a venue; it's a community hotspot with a rich narrative, wrapped in the rustic charm of Montana’s landscape. Co-owned by Tim Montana and Billy F. Gibbons, the club aims to preserve its historical essence while introducing modern elements like live music events featuring renowned musicians. The introduction of Aaron Laudenschlager, an army veteran and new chef living on-site, is expected to add to the club’s homely yet vibrant atmosphere. The Wise River Club also plays host to thrilling yet heartwarming tales, such as that of Jake, the misunderstood fur trapper who added a night of suspense and humor to the club’s lore. 

    Living Legends and Lasting Bonds 

    During the podcast, anecdotes featuring music legends such as Billy Gibbons and John Prine painted a picture of deep, personal connections and the influence they have on Montana's life and career. From sitting between Gibbons and Prine, absorbing wisdom, to developing a father-like bond with Gibbons, Montana's relationships showcase the personal growth and opportunities that come from networking within the music industry. These interactions not only enrich Montana's life but also influence his music and the authentic way he chooses to conduct his business, particularly evident in his collaborations from clothing lines to hot sauces and barbecues. 

    Entrepreneurial Spirit and Brand Partnerships 

    Beyond music, Montana’s entrepreneurial spirit thrives in his approach to business, notably in his successful brand partnerships. His knack for aligning with brands like Traeger, Black Rifle, and Kicker Audio stems from his ability to maintain authenticity while offering significant value. His collaborations are not just business transactions but relationships built on mutual respect and a shared ethos, which is particularly important in maintaining integrity and relatability in both his music and business ventures. 

    Conclusion: The Heartbeat of the Old Boy 

    Tim Montana’s episode on the Ol' Boy Podcast delves into what it means to live and breathe authenticity, be it through the chords of a rock song or the community spirit at the Wise River Club. His journey resonates with anyone looking to redefine their path or cultivate a space that honors both history and the promise of new stories. For Montana, whether it's a melody or a hot sauce, the heart of the matter lies in being true to oneself and fostering connections that stand the test of time. His life, as discussed, is a testament to chasing what feels genuine and constructing a world around that authenticity, establishing a legacy that, much like the Wise River Club, endures and inspires. 

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    "I'm just me, man. I just pick up the phone, you know. I try to think of some ideas, but there's no, like, magic recipe to that other than just being myself and always under promise and over deliver, right?" -Tim Montana 

    3 Fun Facts  

    1. Despite a potentially terrifying situation, it turned out that the so-called "axe murderer" at the Wise River Hotel was a harmless fur trapper named Jake, who was merely carrying an axe for protection after a string of bad luck.
    1. Chad Ward and Tim Montana described an accidental live streaming of a concert at Tim's house during an event, adding a humorous twist to the evening. 
    1. Tim Montana shared a memorable night spent between rock legend Billy Gibbons and iconic songwriter John Prine, highlighting the unique experiences and stories from his music career.

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