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  • May 02, 2024 3 min read

    Carving Success: The Montana Knife Company Story

    On the latest episode of the Ol' Boy Podcast, host Chad Ward welcomed guest Josh Smith, who has carved out a niche in the competitive world of knife-making and culinary arts. Together, they delved into the multifaceted journey of building a brand from the ground up, maintaining quality during mass production, and the significant impact perseverance and a supportive community can have on turning a passion into a thriving business. 

    The Road to Realisation 

    Josh Smith's childhood dreams of creating the Montana Knife Company became a reality when he stepped away from a secure corporate job at 39. Facing a "now or never" moment, he threw caution to the wind and invested heart, soul, and inherited funds into his vision. With raw determination and the unwavering support of his new wife, Josh's story is a true testament to pursuing one's passions despite the unknown. 

    The Power of Support and Ambition 

    Perseverance and having a supportive network emerged as recurring themes. Both Chad and Josh emphasized that passion alone is not enough; the journey is fraught with inevitable failures that only hard work and belief can surmount. The backing of loved ones and the community is an unshakable pillar for those who dare to chase their dreams. 

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    Scaling the Edge of Quality

    Josh Smith's transition from custom knife maker to head of a mass production company was not without its struggles. The discussion shone a light on the challenges of scaling up production, which require careful balance to maintain quality and honesty with customers. Smith's adeptness at reinvesting in his company and his plans for a community-centered new facility underline his understanding and commitment to his craft. 

    The Human Element Behind the Brand 

    At the heart of Montana Knife Company is a narrative that resonates with many entrepreneurs. Josh peeled back the curtain to reveal that ordinary people, like his listeners, are the lifeblood that makes brands succeed. From engaging content on social media to the success of limited product drops, the importance of word-of-mouth and community engagement was undeniably clear. 

    The Value of Mentorship and Learning 

    Chad and Josh agreed on the profound effect mentoring can have, whether through knife-making or barbecue cooking. Recounting their own experiences, they advocated for teaching crafts to younger generations, ensuring valuable skills and traditions are preserved and celebrated. 

    Leaving a Lasting Impact 

    Through their conversation, the aspect of legacy shone brightly. Both men are deeply invested in their trades‚ÄĒnot just for personal gain but for the values and quality associated with their names. It's about building something that outlives the creator, a legacy testament to their dedication and skill.¬†

    The Sharpened Edge of Success 

    Chad Ward and Josh Smith's discourse on the Ol' Boy Podcast vividly depicted the combination of hard work, community, and passion required to succeed. They've highlighted that behind the allure of entrepreneurship lies a relentless grind. Ventures like these are not solely for profit; they are a canvas for expressing one's values and sharing one's talents with the world. 

    The episode serves as a robust reminder to dreamers everywhere: with every strike of the hammer, every stroke of the grinder, you are building more than a business‚ÄĒyou are forging your legacy. Whether it's knives or any other craft, what you leave behind reflects your journey, filled with learning, sacrifice, and the unbreakable spirit of the human will to create and connect.¬†¬†


    "I started telling her from 2018 to 2019 about my idea of the Montana Knife company." 

    ‚ÄĒ Josh Smith¬†

    3 Fun Facts about Josh 

    1. Josh Smith started his knife-making journey at eleven, inspired by a mentor, and making knives in his shop.
    2. Josh Smith has appeared twice on the TV show Forged in Fire, which has positively impacted his career and emphasized the show's authenticity.
    3. Host Chad Ward shared an anecdote about spending time with Kid Rock, discussing business acumen during a two-hour plane ride.

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