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  • April 12, 2024 3 min read


    In the latest episode of the Ol' Boy Podcast, hosts Chad Ward and Tim Johnson delve into various topics, ranging from personal anecdotes to broader societal issues. The discussion opened with Tim Johnson's upcoming fight at XFC 50 in Lakeland, Florida. It quickly expanded to explore his blue-collar lifestyle and the harsh financial realities of a fighting career. The conversation naturally segued into Johnson's background as a farm boy turned wrestler turned professional fighter, providing a deep dive into the grit and dedication required in each of those worlds. 

    A significant portion of the episode focused on the merits and challenges of career legacy, patriotism, and the integrity of sports, including the problems associated with performance-enhancing drugs in MMA. The hosts also debated the current disillusionment with government and corporate entities, especially concerning the food industry, and touched on healthcare struggles that affect even those in the upper-middle-tier income brackets. 

    As an old-school wrestler who later clinched a contract with the UFC, Johnson recounted his fighting history and the sport's physical toll on fighters. A surprising revelation was his disdain for kicks in the fighting arena, where he expressed a clear preference for the art of boxing and clinch work. The camaraderie of trading punches, rather than the unpredictability of kicks, resounds with Johnson's straightforward mindset. 

    Among other topics, the host Chad proposes the idea of separate leagues within sports depending on athletes' stance on using performance-enhancing drugs. They considered the impact of school alliances in sports and the transition of MMA fighters into other domains for authenticity's sake. Chad and Tim also discussed the high stakes involved in fighting celebrated figures like Fedor in Russia, emphasizing the psychological impact of the environment on a fighter's performance. 

    Lastly, the conversation turned towards the future, where Tim Johnson outlined his plans of homesteading and starting a pasture-raised hog farm. His long-term vision is to create a self-sustaining operation that provides quality meat from farm to table, leveraging the platform he's built as a fighter. The episode concluded with a candid reflection on personal fame in different cultures, the evolution of fighting strategy, and the importance of legacy over short-term gains. 

    The Ol' Boy Podcast masterfully marries the discussion of personal experiences with broader cultural and societal observations, offering listeners an immersive experience into the lives and minds of its hosts. Stay tuned for genuine conversations and unexpected insights into fighting, farming, and life's battles outside the ring. 




    The Raw Truth About Individual Accountability in Sports: "Man, there ain't no one to fucking blame. You go out there and get your ass pinned. That's on you, brother." 

    ‚ÄĒ Chad Ward¬†¬†


    1. 'Fighting Journey': From wrestling to MMA, balancing sports and manual labour on the farm molds character and grit.

    2. 'Athlete Resilience': Tim switched from football to wrestling in college, where individual performance directly impacts outcomes.

    3. 'Youth Accountability': Wrestling teaches self-discipline and personal responsibility in weight management from a young age.

    4. 'Farm Life Toughness': Living on a farm instills a hard-working mentality and the toughness needed to fight challenges.

    5. 'Service Sacrifice': Tim's National Guard service and return in 2020 reflect patriotism and the pressing need for healthcare.

    6. 'Financial Realities': Discusses the economic struggles that even successful athletes face, including healthcare and job juggling.

    7. 'UFC vs. Bellator': Contrast the corporate UFC environment with Bellator's family feel and better financial support for fighters.

    8. 'Corporate Combat' examines the increasingly corporate nature of fighting leagues and their potential crossover with wrestling.

    9. 'Return to Roots': Transitioning to farm life and custom applicator work while preparing for a heavyweight fight.

    10. 'Striking Preference': Tim's evolution from wrestling to preferring stand-up fighting and striking in the ring.