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  • April 03, 2024 3 min read

    Bow Kills, Brisket Skills: Jocko Willink & John Dudley on the Ol' Boy Podcast

    In the heart of the archery world, two names stand out for their dedication and passion for the sport: Jocko Willink and John Dudley. These guys have embraced the archery challenge and become synonymous with the pursuit of excellence in their respective fields.

    Jocko Willink, a retired naval officer and a highly respected leadership consultant, was drawn to the discipline and mental toughness required in archery. He is known for his intense focus and determination, which have served him well both in the military and as an archer. Through his public speaking and bestselling books, Jocko encourages others to push their limits and strive for greatness, a message that resonates deeply within the archery community.

    John Dudley, on the other hand, is a world-class archer and bowhunting expert. His technical proficiency and wealth of knowledge have positioned him as an authority in the field. He has dedicated his life to mastering the bow and arrow, endlessly working to refine his technique and share his insights with others.

    Together, these two titans of archery have been drawn to the Total Archer Challenge, an event that has raised the bar for archers and bowhunters alike. At the core of this event are Sean and Monica Degray, event specialists who have transformed a once-a-year local shoot into an epic challenge that archers eagerly anticipate. The Degray's expertise in marathon-type events has created an unparalleled archery experience that simulates the extreme conditions Wasatch hunters face.

    This formidable event presents distances double that of standard competitions, destroying arrows and challenging participants to minimize this destruction with each passing year. In this crucible, Jocko and John, along with countless others, test their skills, temper their resolve, and indulge in the pure adrenaline of pushing their archery abilities to the limit.

    3 Key Takeaways from this Episode:

    1. John Dudley convinced Jocko Willink to get into archery at an airport, who recognized him and suggested the idea.

    2. John Dudley provided a custom-built bow for Jocko and personally taught him how to shoot, later offering the same instruction for free on his YouTube channel.

    3. Jocko Willink used to eat his wife's overcooked chicken for two decades, humorously mentioning the importance of their relationship over the taste of food." 

    Listen Here:


    10 Lessons from this Episode:

    1. Archery Passion: John Dudley transitioned from football to archery, becoming a pro in just months by training with top competitors and pushing his limits.

    2. Start Small: Jocko emphasizes starting business ventures on a small scale, evaluating demand before significant investment, akin to his approach with multiple businesses.

    3. Content Innovation: John Dudley strategically shifted from traditional TV to YouTube and social media, cutting sponsorships by half but reaching a broader audience.

    4. Temperature Matters: The importance of cooking meats at the proper temperatures is highlighted, moving away from time-based cooking to precision for quality results.

    5. Demand-Driven Business: Jocko explains how customer demand guides business expansion, illustrating with examples like made-in-USA jiu-jitsu gis from his company Origin.

    6. Value of Teams: Both hosts discuss creating solid teams that can run efficiently without constant oversight, based on principles from 'Extreme Ownership.'

    7. Leadership Integrity: Leaders must be humble and honest, taking responsibility, particularly in complex business settings.

    8. Decentralized Command: Jocko describes his leadership style involving decentralized decision-making, wherein he trusts his teams to run various aspects of his enterprises.

    9. Lean Operations: The concept of lean operations is touched upon, with Jocko illustrating how he maintains oversight of multiple businesses without being physically present.

    10. Passionate Persistence: Both guests and the host advocate maximum effort for what you love, whether cooking, archery, business, or career progression. 

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