Front Line Sticker

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Troll Co. Clothing would like to honor and support all the nurses on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic. We thank you for your dedication and sacrifice.

Thanks for your support in purchasing our Front Line items, we've donated $54,461 to the U.S. CDC Emergency Response and $8,861 to Canada Food Banks.


Size 4" x 4"


We print our stickers on a very high-quality, 4-color printer in high resolution.

The ink we use is a UV-resistant ink that can withstand outdoor use without fading for many years!

The material we print on is a very high-quality vinyl with permanent adhesive. We then laminate the print with a glossy laminate. The laminate not only allows the sticker to further resist UV light, but also the sticker becomes shinier, thicker, and is protected from wear and weather. This gives you an extremely high-quality sticker suitable for everything from helmet stickers to a bumper sticker, pretty much anything!!

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the materials we use!

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